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The American Dream

From the time he was a small boy Arlo Lott dreamed of driving a truck. Born on a farm in Eastern Idaho, he was the 11th in a family of 12. He acquired a social security card at age 5 when his brother taught him to drive a tractor for the hay harvest. He gained an education in a small country school, and was married during his high school years. Working before and after school loading hay trucks, he dreamed of one day owning a truck of his own.

In 1971, with a used truck, and a lot of determination he set that dream into motion. 


And today the company has far exceeded any of his expectations. His goal was to build a company with a heart. One that cared about customers and employees alike. Where his word was as good as a contract; where employees became part of a growing family. It has been his key to success.


After 30 years under his direction, Arlo G. Lott Trucking has now been passed to the 2nd generation, his children who grew up in the trucking business. Arlo has now gone full circle. From a farm boy who dreamed of owning a truck he now has gone back to the farm.


Today under the leadership of his children; Andrew Lott and Michelle Miller, the company continues to grow with dedication to the people they serve.


Our Philosophy

Throughout the years Andy and Michelle learned from the best, Arlo Lott. Through trials and triumphs a focus on supporting and appreciating employees remains.

Employees are viewed as being a part of the family, and this is worked in to every day operations. 


Much of Arlo G Lott Trucking's success has come through hiring trusted, experienced, and dedicated staff and drivers.




Andy Lott and Michelle Miller worked their way into leadership roles upon their father Arlo' s retirement. With dedication to the trucking industry and experience within, they are continuing to grow and expand the company. AGL has gone from ordering one truck at a time, to ordering entire fleets of new trucks. With growth, the humbleness of Andy and Michelle never left. They have a strong focus on their drivers, employees, and clientele that has never lessened.

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3 Million miles

David Gray // Darry Harmon // Don Harvey // Gary Mitchell // Don Mathis

2 Million miles

Bruce Hall // Floyd Coffey // John Hamilton // Ron Urie  // Jim Poole // Don Welker // Vern Harmon // Curtis Robinson //

1 Million miles

Allen Chapman // Bob Barker // Bob Buller // Bruce Miller // Charles Morrision // Cory Bender // Craig Bressler // Damasio Rangel Jr. // Dan Rudolph //

David Postlewait // Dennis Johnson // Deverl Evans // Don Franklin //

Duncan Garvie // Ed Blunt // Ed Thornton // Gene Clayton // Jim Lambert //

Jody Bickers // Joe VanDiest // John Marble // John Phillips // John Staley // Kent Novinger // Lance Oatman // Lee Volkers // Lloyd Bickers // Lloyd Simpson // Lonnie Edwards // Mike Blunt // Mike Miller // Mike Young // Pedro Nino // Randy Eberhard // Rex Richardson // Rick Allred // Rod Taylor // Ron Close //

Ron Ochsner // Rudy Ayala // Sam Maupin // Steve Stover // Tim Anderson //

Tim Brown // Tim Jones // Tim Young // Tom Brockman // Victor Hernandez // Wade Weaver //Wayne Butler // Gordon Young // Steve Morris // Kenneth Hurst // Michael Rogalsky // Ross Valdez

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